Virtual Workshop on Recommendations for Socio-Economic Development in Community Protected Areas

Tuesday, 25 May 2021– CSIP and Ministry of Environment held the virtual strategy workshop on the sustainable community development model. The workshop was attended by over 20 officials of General Department of Local Community and National Councils for Sustainable Development (NCSD). The workshop was chaired by H.E Khieu Borin, Director General of Local Community.

The workshop discussed the research recommendations to improve socio-economic developments in the community protected areas. The participants provided additional inputs and feedbacks to the research team for finalizing the policy recommendations and action initiatives.

About MOE

MOE is mandated by the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) to lead and sustainably manage environmental, biodiversity, and natural resources, and to ensure the long-term benefits of all people and all generation in Cambodia.

About CSIP

CSIP envisions a “Center for Research Excellence, nationally and internationally renowned to advance strategic policy towards peaceful, prosperous, and harmonious Cambodia and the region”.  CSIP has a mission to “promote rigorous academic research and evidence-based policy-making process for sustainable development of Cambodia.”

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