CSIP Team Visits Communities and NGOs Supporting Community Protected Area (CPA)

Saturday-Thursday, 20-25 February 2021 – CSIP team led by Mr. Khun Bunnath, Community Development Expert and Senior Consultant to CSIP, conducted field visits to households in community protected area (CPA) and had discussions with key NGOs working to assist the CPAs. The visited CPAs include Mong Ry, Porng Pong, Or Da, Or Saom and Tuol Krous-Tang Yor) in Veal Veng and Krovagn districts in Pursat province.

The purpose of the field visits was to collect on-the ground evidences as inputs to formulate recommendations on how to improve socio-economic situations of households living in CPAs. The field visits are part of the project “Sustainable Community Development Model” which is supported by MOE. The research project will provide policy frameworks to mainstream national development vision to the community level.

During the visits to those CPAs, CSIP team met CPA management committees, local authorities and observed their livelihood activities at the ground such as agroforestry demonstration plot and none timber forest product (NTFP) collections from the forest community.

About MOE

MOE is mandated by the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) to lead and sustainably manage environmental, biodiversity, and natural resources, and to ensure the long-term benefits of all people and all generation in Cambodia.


About CSIP

CSIP envisions a “Center for Research Excellence, nationally and internationally renowned to advance strategic policy towards peaceful, prosperous, and harmonious Cambodia and the region”.  CSIP has a mission to “promote rigorous academic research and evidence-based policy-making process for sustainable development of Cambodia.”


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